5 Quick Tips On How to Take Care of Your Nails Better

All of us aspire to have healthy nails that look beautiful, whether manicured or without nail polish. The secret for better-looking nails is proper care, which goes beyond washing your hands and feet!

What can you do to keep your nails healthy without hangnails or swollen skin around it? Read on for helpful tips!

1. Keep Your Hands and Feet Clean

Before you do anything with your nails or after using your hands and feet, keep the nails and skin around it dirt-free. You should also focus on doing this before and after applying nail polish, or when removing it.

When cleaning your nails, apply soap to a toothbrush and scrub your nails and skin around it. This removes dirt and will exfoliate the dead skin without using drying and harsh chemicals, or investing in expensive scrubs.

If you’re removing nail polish, use an acetone-free remover and wash your nails after. Give it a break from nail polish every few weeks, especially when you apply elaborate nail art!

I also recommend that you avoid using nail polish entirely, as it may dry your nails out, turn them yellow, or even weaken nail structure. Use gel and acrylic treatments sparingly as well, since UV light exposure can dry your nails.

If you do use nail polish, use a base coat to protect your nails, then a top coat to prevent any nail chipping. Furthermore, read the labels of your nail polish and avoid using those with harsh chemicals. 

2. Be Gentle With Your Nails

Remember that your nails are delicate, and if you continue scrubbing them or applying too much pressure, you expose them to infection! 

Do not use metal tools under your nails or use it for digging, maneuvering hard-to-use items, or exposing it to chemicals. If you do have to handle chemicals or harsh soaps, wear gloves when doing so. This will prevent it from weakening, breaking, and/or being exposed to bacteria. 

3. Clip Nails Regularly and Leave the Cuticles Alone

You need to trim your nails regularly, just like what you do with your hair. Clip your nails every two weeks, adjusting the time depending on how fast or slow your nails grow. 

I recommend softening the nails by soaking your nails and cutting them straight across with the right clippers. 

When clipping your nails, do not cut or remove the cuticles, as this seals your nails and serves as protection from bacteria! Take care of your cuticles to prevent hangnails as well. 

With regular trimmings and cuticle care, it helps lessen the risk of ingrown nails.

The ingrown toenail removal cost is a bit high and the process is a bit tedious, so it’s best to prevent it from happening.

Besides trimming your nails, clean your nail tools as well to prevent spreading bacteria to your nails when using it. Regularly replace … Read more

Outfit Ideas That Takes You From Day To Night

When you work hard, you party harder. But is it just me or is it just that changing outfit in-between work or school to date nights or parties can be a real struggle? Unless you drive your own car, you do not like the idea of bringing an extra night outfit either to school, work, or elsewehere you normally go to during the day. Good things is gone are the days when we label our outfits as either a day outfit alone or nightwear alone. We now enjoy a wide selection of pieces that we can wear either during the day or at night, and better, day to night. Here are some day to night pieces you have to have in your closet ASAP.

  1. Leather pants
    Leather pants are not anymore exclusively saved for night parties. With proper styling, you can still rock a leather pants outfit even during the day. Whether you pair it with just a plain white shirt, a sweater, a choker blouse, or a slim fit blazer, it will turn out great. And with a stylish pair of heels, you will instantly look more chic than ever.
  2. Cut-outs
    Wearing dresses or tops with cut-outs is actually a smart way to save time and effort if ever you have to report to work or attend a meeting, and eventually spend some time over wine with friends later that day. You can layer your dress or top with a formal blazer so you still look work appropriate.
  3. Pointy toe flats
    Give you feet some rest and no, that does not mean that you cannot look good anymore. This is where you will realize why it is important to invest not only in heels, but also in pointy toe flats. Apart from the slimming effect of pointy toe flats, they can be equally stylish as your heels. They come in different colors and designs that you can easily pair with your outfit. Wearing pointy toe flats, you will be able to reach to your destination from one place to another with comfort and in style.
  4. Pencil skirts
    When it comes to skirts, there is one cut that is just so versatile and reliable for day to night outfit ideas. The key here, especially if it is an office day job, is to keep it simple and sophisticated. The best color to start with is a black pencil skirt. And by the way, pencil skirts are now available in different prints, textures, or style like the lace or pencil skirts with slits. This means that there are no limits in styling a pencil skirt. When the night comes, you can just easily take off your blazer or cover-up. It is now time for your sexy and fun top, like crop or choker top, to do its job.
  5. Moto jackets
    With a moto jacket in
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Why Unique Brand Design Logo Makes a Big Difference?

Being an ardent shopper, an entrepreneur or a designer, it cannot be denied that logos are very pivotal component of your life. As a business owner you need a logo to serve as the image of your brand, if you are a designer, they are a substantial component of your creative depot and if you are a consumer, logos let you easily recognize brands so this greatly aids in deciding which brands to trust or which services to try or products to buy.

In addition, logos play very crucial role particularly if you are an entrepreneur who wishes to succeed and be lucrative in the world of business. Due to this, it is clear that it really matters to be very creative, wise and unique when choosing the logo that shall carry or exhibit what you offer to consumers.

Why is it important to come up with a unique brand design logo?

Take in mind that if the logo design and selection phases of the process are auspicious, the outcomes shall also be favorable. Meanwhile, if the chosen and designed logo does not appropriately manifest and represent the brand in a precise manner, the outcomes could be dreadful.

Indeed, since a logo is perceived as the very first thing that potential clients see, it is vital to consider the great opportunities at play here. Needless to say, an inaccurate and poorly designed logo will stick in the mind of the consumers as a brand or firm that they should not patronize. Customers these days are so clever that they ditch unremarkable and nonsensical logo at once and never think about it again.

What makes a good logo?

A remarkable logo is the one that could stand the test of time, in other words, it refers to the one that could precisely convey in an instant a clear message that clearly indicates what the brand or service is all about.

How can you ensure a unique logo for your brand?

In order to make your brand design logo unique and catchy, you must have deeper understanding of what your purpose is. Take in mind that for business owners, this is about having deeper grasp of what you prefer the brand or service to communicate. On the other hand, for designers, this is about translating that message for clients by means of form, line, color or text- with each of these elements exactly suited to the main objectives of your brand or service.… Read more